Recommended Viewing: YouTube Boxing Content Creators Discuss Heavyweight Boxing History

Rich The Fight Historian: For anyone that enjoys throw back boxing or grew up in the sixties or seventies this is a great YouTube channel to follow. He does a lot of ten to thirty minute mini documentaries that highlight well known and forgotten fighters throughout different eras and weight classes. I find his videos engaging, interesting and bring in things that I have never seen before. Rocky Marciano is a very polarizing figure among classic fans of the sport. Some hold him in the highest regard on where they place in him their all time list at heavyweight and cite his brutal power and relentless stamina to rate him and or place him above the other greats throughout history. Others question his quality of opposition and hold his tendency to cut and short stature, short arms and light fighting weight as points against him in hypothetical match ups. There is also much debate to his training regimen and how accurate accounts of it are and the crazy punch measuring machine scores that he was recorded as having. Many great fighters bring in myth, tall tales, and lore and Marciano is no exception. In the above video Rocky is examined in the many persisting myths and perceptions of his career like his opposition, mob ties, and fighters he “ducked”. In the video I saw for the first time interesting footage of Jake LaMotta testifying about the Mafia’s role in the Billy Fox fight. I also learned of Earl Walls a hard hitting Canadian heavyweight who was in the title picture for Marciano but never got his chance.

Rummy’s Corner: I have recommended Rummy before and remember him from the Eastside Boxing/ Boxing News 24 Forum where he is a long time contributor. Rummy does a great job doing these vignettes on different aspects of both current boxing and boxing history. His videos usually range to about 15 minutes with some being longer and his work here is very good. He analyzes George and Larry on their rise and during their comebacks to discuss how a fight could have played out. Rummy breaks down a fight between the two both in the 1970’s and 1990’s when it was likely that it could have happened and then discussed their various forms on how a best for best fight could have played out. Rummy has watched a lot of film of these guys and understands them well as fighters and I think lays out a very good case. I like watching both of these fighters and they both exhibit great contrasting styles. Rummy takes viewers back through their careers and approaches the subject in an engaging way with plenty of footage. Enjoy!

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