Reaction to Michael Montero’s Rant on Ring Magazine Detractors

Michael Montero brings up a lot of interesting points in this video regarding the recent criticisms online of Ring Magazine. Boxing and fight sports are at an interesting crossroads with lots of independent “journalists” and social media reporters jockeying for position in the boxing news universe. Montero does a great job picking apart the critiques of one of boxings long standing publications. Here are my thoughts:

Ring was bought out by Golden Boy they are biased: There are zero Golden Boy fighters in the pound for pound list for Ring. By division top 10 Golden Boy has 0 at heavyweight, 0 at cruiserweight, 0 at light heavyweight, 0 at super middleweight, 1 at middleweight, 1at junior middleweight, 1 at welterweight, 0 at junior welterweight, 2 at lightweight, 0 at super featherweight, 1 at featherweight, 2 at junior featherweight, 0 at bantamweight, 0 flyweight, 1 light flyweight, 0 at straweight

That does not seem all that biased given the amount of zeros per weight and the lack of dominance of the pound for pound ratings.

Not counting the WBA Regular Title: I do not count this title and see it as further devaluing of championship fighters and another way to dupe fans. Michael lays out a solid argument as to Ring’s tradition of not counting the title whether it be Gervonta Davis’ recent acquisition or Canelo Alvarez’s win over Rocky Fielding a few years back. Montero cuts through the BS of the criticisms levied against Ring and makes a strong case for their position. I agree and will say it is frustrating if a journalist contradicts themselves on regular belts or interim titles. Without a clear example I feel like Dan Rafael used to do this back in the day when a fighter who was a draw won a minor belt he would praise it but when a fighter he was critical of did he would not count the belt. I don’t consider Davis a 140lb world champion and did not call Canelo a champion at 168 lbs. until he beat Smith.

Final thoughts:

Bias exists everywhere and rating boxers is generally a very subjective endeavor. I choose not to make pound for pound lists or rankings by weight class because it is difficult. I also don’t over value the idea of pound for pound like a lot of broadcasters and promoters. I think it is interesting to think of but it really does not hold any practical meaning.

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