Boxing News 24 Article: Mungia vs Johnson

Here is the link to my article I submitted to Boxing News 24 for last nights main event. Despite my discussion on an Andrade fight he has been consistently calling out Golovkin and Charlo. Last night he said he wants a fight with any of the belt holders. I suppose Andrade and Golovkin should be easy to make given they all fight on DAZN. He is rated #1 in the WBO and WBC therefore it’s likely he will become mandatory for either so he is in the driver seat and can pick and choose how he wants to go. The IBF also has him at #9 which is the sanctioning body topped by GGG

At this stage Mungia should be an underdog against all 3. However, Andrade is talented but lightly proven, Charlo is hittable, and GGG has shown his age in his last few fights. Mungia for all of his defensive issues is a tremendous offensive fighter.

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