Fredrickson vs Saucedo ESPN 6/30/2020 Main Event


Deluca 99-91 Jarman 98-92 Moretti 100-90 Unanimous Decision Saucedo

Round 1: Saucedo pours on the pressure near the end of round 1. Fredrickson is rocked and looked to be in brief danger.

Round 2: Fredrickson tried to jab on the outside but Saucedo snapped his head back with his own jab and Fredickson just fell to the ropes. Saucedo’s jab snaps Fredrickson’s head straight back and well above his guard. Saucedo begins to mix the left hook to the head then back to the body. Fredrickson got on his toes a little more and jabbed near the end but it was not enough after a rough round. He did get a nice right uppercut in late

Round 3: Saucedo continues to trap and where down Fredrickson who does not have the fire power to reverse course. Saucedo lands a nice fully extended right cross but is still susceptible to the jab.

Round 4: Fredrickson comes out on fire with hooks and uppercuts all over Saucedo. Saucedo weathers and corners Fredrickson but is tied up and less effective. Fredrickson starts to get back at range and jabs effectively. Saucedo begins to jab and land straights with Fredrickson on the ropes with his guard getting split but the shots are less damaging. Very close round.

Round 5: Jab off the hook lands for Saucedo. Saucedo seems to have renewed vigor but Fredrickson lands a solid uppercut that lifted Saucedo’s head. Fredrickson leads with an uppercut which is risky given the hook. Saucedo corners him again and opens up but Fredrickson fires back with combinations of his own. Fredrickson gets back to work with his jab on the outside and makes effective work with his left hooks near the end. Very close round.

Round 6: Lead right hand snaps Saucedo’s head back. Fredrickson at range lands a hard left hook then a solid jab. Fredrickson launches an uppercut from far out but ate a left hook. Saucedo landed a few right hands and snapped Fredrickson’s head back on the ropes. Fredrickson really has to try and maintain a full 3 minutes. Saucedo hunted Fredrickson down along the ropes after his right got lazily low and he fell into the ropes. Very hard round to score

Round 7: The round starts with each taking turns jabbing and does not go to the ropes in the first minute. Saucedo leads but Fredrickson stands his ground and returns fire. Chopping right cross lands flush on Saucedo!

Round 8: Fredrickson stays in the middle and away from the ropes and scores effectively even if Saucedo leads the initial exchange. Saucedo right hand Fredrickson uppercut. Saucedo begins to open up in the final minute throwing singles rather than triples and home runs and turns his opponent with his feet.

Round 9: Fredrickson caught on the ropes and Saucedo goes to work. Fredrickson not really responding now. Saucedo all over Fredrickson in a dominat round

Round 10: Fredrickson got in a solid right hook to start off the round. Saucedo still pressing but getting caught with counter hooks from Fredrickson. Saucedo begins lighting up Fredrickson on the ropes again. Saucedo really poured it on down the stretch sealing the round.

-The judge cards were very wide and a shutout is unbelievable. I had it sort of wide in my opinion given I had 2 flip kind of rounds.

-Real early on it looked like Saucedo was going to stop him early

-They have sparred before

-Saucedo on bounce back following title loss to Maurice Hooker

-Ass hole guy: one of the trainers kept shouting what sounded like asshole asshole asshole asshole

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