JoJo Diaz Defeats Tevin Farmer

To start this off we will begin with Tevin Farmer vs JoJo Diaz for the IBF Super Featherweight Title.

In a surprisingly dominant fight Diaz won every round besides the second round according to my scorecard that had Diaz winning 119-109.  It did not appear that the fight would go more than three or four rounds after an early headbutt opened up one of the worst cuts I have ever seen in a fight that was not stopped.  The difference tonight appeared to be in the ability that Diaz had to match Farmer in hand speed.  Most of the fighters that Farmer has faced in his title run were not able to meet the physical gifts Tevin brought to the ring.  A fast southpaw in Jono Carroll was able to push Farmer to a close decision with a similar speed and southpaw stance but ultimately wilted at the high pace. 

Diaz was able to land his left hand early and hard in some of the cleanest blows I have scene landed on Tevin and he seemed to show the effects quickly.  Tevin continuously blinked his eyes and even had these tick like movements looking up toward the roof.  It was reminiscent of Allan Green who used to habitually look down at his feet while boxing.  I was fairly concerned given I had never seen Farmer do this in the ring.  It gave me difficult memories of other ring tragedies but at the time of my writing this he is ok.

The first few rounds of the fight were very exciting before it fell into a one sided beating.  Diaz really ripped the body down the stretch and after five or six rounds his mouth had been left hanging open and he was fighting in a stationary manner.  I know he claimed the hand and he had the active fight streak but Diaz stylistically had something for him that I have not scene in this recent run.  For Farmer’s reputation he should take the rematch and fight to reclaim what he worked so hard to gain.  I however feel holding off and taking a tune up or break would be a good idea but only Tevin and his team know the answer.

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