Haney vs Lomachenko Scorecard

1 Haney
2 Haney
3 Lomachenko
4 Haney
5 Lomachenko
6 Haney
7 Lomachenko
8 Haney
9 Haney
10 Lomachenko
11 Lomachenko
12 Haney
F 115-113 Haney

Honestly I feel like this was a very difficult fight to score and I thought that live I watched this again with the sound turned off and I think this fight could really go either way I think the people screaming robbery were either influenced by the commentary or had a built-in agenda because they there were a Lomachenko fan or a Devon Haney hater

I feel like this fight could be scored differently upon subsequent viewings, given how close a lot of the rounds were. I thought that round three, round four, round five, round six and round 8 were all very close and could go either way and that round 10 really didn’t even seem as dominant for Lomachenko on replay as it did live though he did win it.

I actually thought Devin Haney looked better in a second viewing and that his conditioning has been under sold, and I don’t think Lomachenko really hurt him as much as the commentary team made it seem I felt that his legs never really buckled, and he would respond and move fluidly in between flurries. Though he’s not a hard puncher given his knockout ratio I felt Devin Haney’s punches carried more weight and Lomachenko would fall back or have his head snap from the counter right hands and the check left hooks and even some of the upper cuts it looked like Lomachenko would hit him with a few punches and he would stay right there.

It’s a shame that the discussion of this fight is all about the scorecards. This was an intense and high-level boxing match from the opening bell. I felt both Fighters fought a great fight, and their styles meshed for a fantastic clash of athleticism in boxing skill. The fight poster with the chess pieces was a perfect allegory for what played out in the ring. I think Haney earned his stripes last night as a world-class fighter who can accomplish great things in the future given his young age. I would love to see a sugar Stevenson fight at 135 lb, but if he can’t make the wait anymore, I would be excited to see what he can do at the weight above. As for Lomachenko, I thought he looked better than he did in his previous four fights, and he is still a threat to all the top guys, including the young guys seen as the future of the division.

All in all I find the robbery calls insane.

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