Boxing in Media: Michael Montero Previews Devon Haney vs Vasily Lomachenko

Michael Montero has returned to host Montero on Boxing his YouTube show on the sport doing previews, reviews, interviews and all other videos. I have appreciated his work over the years and after a hiatus he is back. I like this preview video and this is a very intriguing fight. Please take a watch of his breakdown, my commentary on the video is below.

My Comment

I’m really excited about this fight I think it’s a really interesting Clash of styles and young versus old. I have a hard time picking a winner do I give the slight Edge to Haney I also want Haney to win because I want to see a match up with Stevenson in a battle of two young emerging Stars

Also I think that Haney doesn’t have the best resume but I think there weren’t that were eager to face him. Lomachenko dropped the belt and did not face him I’m not calling it a duck but it certainly affected Haney’s resume also he was calling out Lopez when Lopez had the belts and Lopez didn’t seem interested in facing him and Ryan Garcia was number one in the WBC and did not press for mandatory. I don’t say this to denigrate those Fighters I’m just indicating that Haney put himself in position to get these fights and they didn’t materialize but I think him holding all the belts is going to put him in the driver’s seat for matchups that he was missing when he was a contender

As for Lomachenko yes he won his last three fights and yes his fans mentioned the shoulder versus Lopez I don’t know if it was an off night if it was the shoulder if he would have went to rematch though it looks like he probably would have considered how Lopez is done since. I don’t think that Lomachenko has looked bulletproof in his last three fights. Yes he won the Ortiz fight comfortably on the scorecards but he struggled with Ortiz’s speed and reach and height and Ortiz is not as good as Haney. We haven’t seen too many fighters that can match lomachenko in his speed and reflexes and we saw him very gun-shy against Lopez who is explosive enough to land on him and if he fights with a gun shy style he is going to give Haney the confidence to build up rounds and get comfortable in the fight

My only real concern in picking Haney in this fight is seeing how rocked he was against Linares and maybe just a lack of being battle-tested prevents me from being fully sold that he can beat Lomachenko but I think his Youth and other attributes should see him to Victory but it won’t be an easy fight


-I dislike this being PPV, feels like every fight these last two months has been

-My preview will come out in the next 48 hours

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