Boxing In Media: ESPN+ New Fight Library

My biggest gripe with ESPN+ and their boxing on demand is their lack of choices. Given ESPN and Top Rank’s multi decade fight library, their selection of fights is very skinny. In fact, for months it felt like it was the same five or six fights minus replays of the latest contests without time stamps. ESPN has a nasty habit of showing the highlights above the replay spoiling the winner if you miss it live, another rant entirely. Here’s what they added:

Tyson vs Tillman

Mike Tyson on the comeback trail following the shock loss to Buster Douglas. This fight is a rematch of their Olympic trial encounter that Tillman won. This jump started Tyson’s young professional debut. The two finally collided in the pros

Mayweather vs Bruseles

Prime Pretty Boy Floyd before his biggest wins fought Bruseles at 140 in HBO. I believe this was his final non PPV contest and preceded his landmark victory over Oscar De La Hoya.

Toney vs Jones Jr

A blockbuster collision of undefeated champions at super middleweight in their prime. Fights like these don’t get made anymore. This is a great chance to see Roy at his bulletproof best, something that feels so long ago.

Cotto vs Rodriguez

Cotto on yet another comeback trail following the letdown versus Trout. Cotto fired trainer Diaz who everyone praised after the Mayweather fight got the pink slip. This is Cotto’s debut under legend Freddie Roach and the vaunted power of Cotto returned to the squared circle once again.

Toney vs Rahman

An interesting WBC heavyweight fight from HBO. It was Toney’s second chance at a heavyweight title, and Rahman was defending his title that he regained following the retirement of Vitali Klitschko. This was an interesting encounter that had a controversial decision.

Ali vs Williams

Muhammad Ali at his absolute best. Fast hands, fast feet, and dangerous combinations. This is probably peak Ali and the video any new fan should see if they want to understand the capabilities of the legend himself.

Cotto vs Gomez

Cotto pre Margarito with his 0 intact and the confidence of a prime unbeaten fighter. This is arguably Cotto at his best before taking a couple of nasty beatings. For Gomez, the former Contender reality show star got a shot at the real thing

Arguello vs Pryor

This fight is one of my favorite of all time to watch a real barn burner of the 15 round era and one of the last of its kind on HBO the fight is marked with non-stop action in a clash of styles from brawler to boxer ending with the infamous Black Bottle. This is a great fight for new fans to watch for entertainment and for boxing lore.

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