Recommendation: Jimmy Bivins Documentary

Rich the Fight Historian is at it again with another brilliant boxing documentary; this time he highlights the career of 1940’s and 1950’s light heavyweight and heavyweight great Jimmy Bivins. Rich’s channel on YouTube is one I have featured on here several times in the past and that is because the work speaks for itself. This concise documentary brings to life the great career of the Cleveland Spiderman in a quick nine minute feature. His level of detail and use of rare footage is very impressive. Bivins has always been a fighter that I have seen on great fighter lists and on Boxrec as someone who competed with many other great fighters. His record speaks for itself having shared the ring with and defeated many champions and hall of fame fighters like Archie Moore, Ezzard Charles, Joey Maxim, Gus Lesnevich, Jersey Joe Walcott and many others. His unique frame and style are highlighted in addition to his recognition during the Second World War where he was seen as the leading heavyweight though he never got a title shot. The later in life suffering he faced and the recovery he mounted when he received proper care is inspiring to say the least. I recommend this terrific documentary and the work overall of the channel and the great detail Rich brings to the sport we love and follow. Please be sure to watch.

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