Fight of the Day: Erickson Lubin vs Jeison Rosario

Erickson Lubin and Jeison Rosario met in an interesting crossroads fight on Showtime in June of 2021. This title eliminator at 154 lbs. was the co-main of the PPV event in Atlanta, Georgia topped by Tank Davis vs Mario Barrios. This fight came up on the Premier Boxing Champions YouTube channel and I did not remember this fight but it was significant and entertaining. Lubin had begun his career 18-0 (13) and was honored by ESPN as the 2016 Prospect of the Year prior to a 2017 WBC title challenge against Jermell Charlo. While it seemed premature for him to get the fight the result was shocking. Lubin was quickly knocked out by a short uppercut in the opening round and his stock fell hard. Lubin switched trainers and hired Kevin Cunningham the St Louis trainer who led Cory Spinks and Devon Alexander to world titles. Lubin entered with five consecutive wins against the former unified champion Jeison Rosario. Rosario entered this one at 20-2 (14) and had the high of knocking out unified champion Julian Williams only to be knocked out eight months later by the previously mentioned Jermell Charlo. Rather than take soft touches to rebound from the loss he fought a hard punching southpaw in Lubin.

This fight was an interesting clash of styles with Rosario leading on the front and Lubin electing to counter and set up his power punches. Most of the fight was competitive though I did not score the fight carefully I only felt round three was a clear Lubin round and round four was a clear Rosario round. The first two rounds were both cautious and tactical with Rosario working behind his jab looking to pin Lubin along the ropes. Lubin came to life in the final minute of round two with a right hook and left straight to the body.

The third round began with Rosario on the attack but Lubin scored solid a left to body and a right hook and opened up in the second minute. Rosario responded by jabbing him to the ropes but Lubin backed him up again scoring left crosses and Rosario began to wilt. Lubin scored a solid left uppercut with around twenty seconds but Rosario hung tough. Lubin danced at the bell and solidified the clearest round of the fight. The fourth round began with Lubin patient to start the round as Rosario came forward and Lubin ripped the body. Rosario marched in behind a high guard and jab left before a left cross backed him up before he ripped the body twice then again but ate a short when left lunging in. Lubin was rocked by a short left jab then a uppercut and he wobbled. Rosario was all over him but the round was nearly over and the bell ended the danger. Lubin’s measured approach to the hurt Rosario appeared to back fire but the fight up to this point was now a close contest with both men wounding the other.

The fifth round started with Rosario back on the jab and Lubin stuck on the ropes. Lubin dug a left to the body and moments later a solid left uppercut. Rosario scored two chopping rights ducked a hook and hit the body. Lubin got Rosario near the ropes and scored a left hand. Lubin on the retreat saw an opening threw a left then a right hook. Lubin wound up a left to the body then their heads came together. This was a close round though Lubin possibly stole it but both did good work. Round six saw both men listen to their corners with jabs to begin the round for both men. Lubin cornered took a left hook to the body before trading jabs again in the middle. Rosario opened up more with multiple jabs then swept the right around the guard. Lubin went back to the uppercut but Rosario was undeterred. Lubin again stuck the body then dropped Rosario with a third to the mid section. Lubin ran in as Rosario retreated and hit him with a left and the still wounded Rosario took a knee. Lubin hit him while he is down and Rosario’s corner continued to yell for the call but don’t get it and the shot had no real say on the outcome. He was clearly still hurt from the body punch. Rosario was counted out and Lubin reached his sixth consecutive win after the loss to Charlo.

There was a bit of controversy in the result with a hard low blow coming before the body shot that caused the first knockdown. Rosario clearly was favoring his groin and adjusting his trunks like guys who get hit low often do. There was also a punch with Rosario down. Lubin probably could have been called for a foul and Rosario could have gotten more time to recover. Overall I do not find this knockout to be overly controversial.

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