Recommendation: All Dillian Whyte KO’s & His Chances Against Fury

Dillian Whyte is the leading contender for the WBC Heavyweight Championship and faces Tyson Fury for the title this Saturday. I have decided to post this video to give readers a sample of what Whyte brings to the table. Nicknamed the Bodysnatcher Whyte is a damaging body puncher with power. You can see the left hook on display in this video and his ability to finish fights. Whyte has been the WBC’s number one contender for several years and despite the bump in the road vs Alexander Povetkin he is finally getting the shot that has eluded him for a couple of years.

Pro’s: Whyte has a snappy and long range jab. He can take over a fight with his jab and sets up his punches well. Body punching is another strength for Whyte and going by his training videos it appears to be a part of his strategy. Given Fury’s tricky head movement and big body it would be wise to go to the body rather than chase the head. On top of that Fury has been less mobile and even seems drunk with his power and infighting and if he stands with Whyte it will give Whyte chances to dig in. The left hook is a strong finishing punch for Whyte and it can be a solid counter shot for him. Finally, Whyte has been in numerous main events and fought former champions and contenders so he is deeply experienced. I do not anticipate that he will freeze in the moment. In these fights he has had to get off the deck against Joe Parker and Oscar Rivas showing the facing of adversity and heart.

Con’s: Ability to take a punch. He has been down in several fights and knocked out in both of his two losses. Sure Alexander Povetkin and Anthony Joshua are big punchers but it is a fact that he can be floored and knocked out. While Whyte is a very steady and consistent fighter I do not find him to be remarkable overall. I have always found heavyweight to be a top heavy division with the talent loaded in the top three or four. I do not find Whyte to be elite just very good. I feel Fury has many ways to win this fight both on the front foot and on the back foot. Fury is quicker, has better defense, a wider array of punches and is much bigger and stronger.

Prediction: Tyson Fury by TKO 9th round or later. I feel the chances Whyte has hinge upon Fury’s preparation and mindset. If Fury is fat and less mobile like he was in the third Wilder fight he gives Whyte a much higher chance of getting the upset. Also, back in the early 2000’s Lennox Lewis looked past Hasim Rahman in their heavyweight title fight and showed up distracted and overweight and was knocked out in a stunner. In training footage Fury looks good so I think he has taken the training seriously. Is he distracted? He obviously has the unified title fight on his mind between facing the winner of the Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua. Could he be overlooking Whyte, I don’t believe so. Whyte is a domestic rival in the UK market and this also presents and opportunity to one up Joshua who did stop Whyte several years ago. I feel Fury’s superior jab will negate Whyte’s very good jab and he can avoid the left hook much like he avoided most of Wilder’s right hands. Whyte does not hit as hard as Wilder and Fury was able to get up from the worst of what Wilder had to offer.

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