Conor Benn Scores KOTY Contender

Conor Benn is the son of British boxing icon Nigel Benn and he has just reached the 20-0 13 KO mark. Saturday on DAZN he headlined a UK card against former 140 lb. titlist Chris Algieri. The welterweight Benn is just twenty five years of age but is continuing to climb the ranks and score win after win while moving up. It is easy to question a young kid who grew up in easier circumstances than their accomplished father but he inpressed me.

While many live off their father’s name and are protected, Conor Benn faced a former world titlist in Algieri and a tough guy like Adrian Granados. Benn showed superb skill in the four rounds of action that ended with a brutal right hand KO. While I don’t think it is the best KO of 2021 it was a solid runner up as he leveled Algieri. Benn did a great job anticipating punches and utilized head movement to slip jabs. Often he remained in range to counter rather than merley make Chris miss. He also bobbed and weaved his way in mixing shots to both the head and body. Benn also does not waste blows and throws with power but is fast in his delivery without loading up or telegraphing his attacks. He could use the jab more but overall a solid night out. Algieri though not in his prime is still quick and sharp with his movement and reflexes. This was a solid performance and a statement of a KO.

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