Deontay Wilder Retirement?

Ring Magazine just ran a story about Deontay Wilder speaking on the topic of retirement. Across the front page of Google are various articles discussing a possible retirement from the sport for the Bronze Bomber. Wilder did an interview with comedian Kevin Hart and to paraphrase said that he accomplished what he set out to accomplish. He feels if there was anything he had to prove he has done it and now is contemplating following new passions. He also has a fiancé which changes things up and he started fighting to take care of his daughter who was born with a birth defect. He has made more than enough money to care for his daughter let alone his entire family. At age thirty-five he is getting up there in age and he has close to forty-five fights and has suffered various injuries especially the right hand over his career. He fought back to back WBC heavyweight title fights with Tyson Fury and absorbed a lot of punishment, especially in the most recent fight where he took a sustained beating before going to the canvas.

I have linked the article for those who want the direct quotes or want to try and find the Kevin Hart interview. I am not going to write a long article on Wilder’s career and elaborate much on the details only because this is just rumor mill stuff. I have a feeling that we have not seen the last of Wilder and given some of the storylines in the division I think there are some hard to resist lucrative offers for him. However, if he has one foot out the door or is already moving on mentally I would hate to see him lose a fight just because he wasn’t all in. This is definitely a story to follow for fight fans.

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