Fight of the Day # 4: Roy Jones Jr vs Montell Griffin II

Revenge is best served with a left hook! Keeping in the spirit of rematches of controversial fights and short fights here is Roy Jones Jr going up against Montell Griffin. For those unfamiliar, Griffin was the first man to “defeat Roy Jones” as a pro when they met in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Griffin had a small lead on two scores when he was dropped in the ninth round and was hit by a punch while he was down. Griffin was unable to continue and was disqualified. Much like the Arthur Abraham vs Andre Dirrel fight there is a lot of controversy and speculation as to whether or not he could get up and I am not touching that in this article. The 34-0 Jones Jr had not lost a boxing match since his ultra controversial decision loss in the 1988 Seoul Olympics making him officially undefeated from 1988. However, in the court of public opinion many see his run from 1988 when he lost prior to the Olympics to 2004 when he was knocked out by Antonio Tarver. As you will see in this fight Roy Jones comes out extremely aggressive especially when compared to his usual temperament in the ring. His lunging left hook is the main mode of offense and he delivers them right from the bell. He catches Griffin’s attention early in the round and Griffin briefly gets comfortable before having the lights turned out. I had to go back and watch it a few times but do look at the set up. Griffin begins to time the left hook and even tries his own jabs in response. Jones lowers his left a little like an uppercut and Griffin leans back but does not move or punch. He also lowers his right hand which would be hand needed to block the punch. Jones then throws the left hook at the regular angle which Griffin evades as he has timed the punch. Jones dips the left at the lower angle again and Griffin lowers the right hand and leans his head back again. Only this time Roy throws the punch and scores a terrific knockout.

PS: I promise a longer fight post soon, work has been keeping me busy.

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