Short Response to Rummys Corner: Joshua vs Usyk II

I give Joshua a lot of credit for adjusting and making changes in the second Ruiz fight but he was also aided by Ruiz not coming in prepared for the rematch

I have a very difficult time seeing usyk not show up prepared for the second fight what I think played a big difference is that Joshua has never learned to use his height to the degree that wladimir or Lennox did during their dominant rains and I think he allowed usyk to get comfortable in the ring by not imposing his size or using his height from the outside to negate the speed he went to the body with success you could definitely hurt him to the body but he didn’t do it enough he also started to take some snap off of his punches and started to land a little bit in the middle of the fight but just couldn’t maintain it

Could Joshua fight taller and use his body to rough up usyk and stick to the body more and also shorten up his punches to just score rather than score hard.  Sure he could but thats a lot of adjusting and usyk could very well do even better

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