Hard Gym Session in 100+ Degree Heat

I have been ramping up my training running and focusing back on strength training. The gym is hitting 100 degrees during the day and the AC stays off as we sweat our asses off. I ran and biked a few miles before getting to the bag and after cutting off layers I had a full sweat. I could hardly catch my breath in the heat and battled to keep my hands up. I have shaved the weight off scaling in at 167 and getting as low as 165 this week after getting into the 170’s during the winter. I recorded 4 different segments on the bag. I work full rounds but like to do a few short recordings to keep an eye on my hand position, balance, make sure my chin is tucked and make sure I don’t have tells or leave myself wide open.

Here I am focusing on single shots mostly with the jab. I am focusing on my balance and defense here. When throwing your eyes should see your hands meaning you don’t wind up, drop your hands or return them low. This develops a good habit of being defensive minded when throwing as your hands remain home to defend when your opponent returns fire.

Here I focus on short combinations of two and three punches. When throwing three I try to emphasize punch two or punch three with the others being softer touches just to create torque for the bomb. It is difficult to throw three or four punches hard while maintaining defense, balance, hand speed and not getting tired.

Here I work the left hook and some combinations with it. I try to do the hook then right hand or the right hand with a sweeping hook behind it. Andre Ward used to throw the right hand at the chest and bring the hook over the guard to score. Bob Foster scored his big KO over Dick Tiger from a left hook that connected off a right hand. My left hook is one of my weaker punches and I need to keep the chin down and not over arm the punch. I am exaggerating the torque but it is helping generate the power. Ultimately I need to roll into follow up punches and use pauses to counter the opponents counter with my right hand.

The final round is just moving and jabbing mostly fucking around and trying to stay lose.

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