Controversial Calls Make Up the Headlines April 10th

I am writing this for my vacation in Tampa Florida which explains the gap in recent posts. last night on dazn and ESPN the two main events had marks of controversy as Joe Smith Jr captured the WBO light heavyweight championship from Oklahoma in a controversial majority decision over Maxim Vlasov. This bout had been postponed since February and Joe Smith was cut over the left eye or early in the fight. Vlasov employed a very tricky style as he boxed on the outside and smothered inside. He landed his right uppercut repeatedly and frustrated Smith early on. Smith struggles with movement and guys who can smother his inside work. Smith is a good midrange fighter who likes to bomb guys out with his overhand right and left hook when he has time to set his feet. Vlasov did not give him the luxary of finding that range. Smith started to work the body and did score bombs but Vlasov took everything well. Controversy struck in round 11 when a hurt Vlasov fell to the canvas after being hurt to the body but was given a minute to recover due to a rabbit punch. In the end Smith left with the belt but many observers felt he lost. In addition he did nothing to prove he could avenge his loss to Bivol or defeat Beterbiev.

As a fan of Joe Smith I am happy for him and he is a great story. A full time construction worker and fighter. Ill admit after Barrera and Bivol i wrote him off and favored Alvarez to beat him and was wrong so i am even more pleased to see him come out on top. With Smith and Beterbiev holding belts and fighting under Top Rank on ESPN it should be an easy fight to make.

Conor Benn scored a first round TKO over Samuel Vargas in a welterweight contest. While it was an explosive performance the stoppage came prematurely. Im impressed by the victory despite the controversy. Vargas is a tough stepping stone opponent so its impressive that he got the W. He called out Amir Khan who said no.

Thats all i got for now, when i get back from my Tampa vacay I’ll have more for you guys!

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