Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier I: The Fight of the Century turns 50! ABC to Show Remastered Full Fight Sunday 2pm ET

Max Kellerman announced on the most recent episode that Ali vs Frazier I will be shown on ABC this Sunday 3/7/2021 at 2pm ET in a newly remastered version. ABC will show the fight and the trilogy will be featured on ESPN+ and ESPN Deportes as well. This fight is arguably the most important of the last 50 years and has a case for the most significant fight in boxing history. This fight is also relevant in relation to today’s boxing heavyweight scene. 50 years ago Ali and Frazier were undefeated heavyweight champions meeting to settle the score. Today Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are in negotiations to fully unify the division. Rummy’s Corner polled Boxing News 24’s Classic Forum and in the survey this fight topped the list of 50 of the must watch boxing matches. I will link that list and Ali Frazier One Nation Divisible which is one of my favorite boxing documentaries and really sets the tone for the fight.

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