Usman vs Masvidal 2: Pointless Rematch

I realize that this is two negative posts in a row but I do not understand this fight at all! Usman won all five rounds of their first fight without much difficulty. It was also not a particularly exciting fight. I know Masvidal is a popular fighter and it is nice to see him get rewarded for taking their first fight on such short notice but I don’t think a return title shot is the move. He is jumping number one contender Colby Covington and number three contender Leon Edwards. Covington has a bad blood rivalry with Usman, had an extremely exciting fight with Usman and beat former champion Tyron Woodley following the Usman fight. I think that rematch is a more interesting title fight and is a match with a more intriguing angle. Their first fight was already good but the two wrestlers fought essentially a kickboxing fight as they stood up in all five rounds. It would be interesting to see the adjustments the two would make in facing each other at such a high level of wrestling, striking and conditioning. Masvidal is already opening as a big underdog showing what those in the know already expect in this bout. I watch Ariel and the Bad Guy weekly on ESPN+ and Chael Sonnen liked this fight based on a champion calling out his challenger. Normally it is the other way around and he feels this creates an interesting wrinkle and shows bad blood. For me I don’t care who calls out who and if there is bad blood if the fight is not a competitive matchmaking.


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