8-1 Underdog Carlos Gongora Shatters Ali Akhmedov in a Final Round KO

In a crazy year of boxing there is another highlight reel KO just in time to close out 2020. I know I have taken a break recently from writing but decided to watch tonight as a fan and just enjoy the fight. However tonight’s back and forth battle on the undercard of Gennady Golovkin vs Kamil Szeremeta has compelled me to post this result. I have also posted my own video of the KO taken from the DAZN broadcast. Carlos Gongora entered as a significant underdog against undefeated Kazakh fighter Ali Akhmedov. Gongora is a 31 year-old Ecuadorian amateur standout and is related to former title challenger Segundo Mercado. According to the broadcast he had 300 amateur contests and entered undefeated but unheralded. Akhmedov entered as a destructive 25 year-old prospect and protégé of Golovkin whom he shares trainers with in Jonathon Banks. Early on it seemed like Akhmedov was going to have an early night when a right hand on the top of the head had Gongora on very shaky legs. With ninety seconds to go, Gongora moved around the perimeter of the ring and got his legs back underneath of him. Akhmedov had a strong start appearing to bank the first six rounds when Gongora mounted a comeback starting in round seven. Akhmedov displayed ferocious power and threw in combinations that kept Gongora on the defensive and wobbled him on several occasions. As the fight drew further, Gongora began to punch with Akhmedov and began to score with straight left hands and the left uppercut. Though he could stand square and not move fluidly he had a very minimalist style of moving his head just enough to get under the right hand and spring with his uppercut. He started to do damage in the seventh round and Akhmedov’s right eye began to swell and a cut opened underneath the eye. Gongora came onto the front foot and went on the attack against a still very dangerous Akhmedov. The two traded punches in very close and competitive rounds. With three minutes to go I had Akhmedov ahead 106-103 and Gongora needed a big round, two knockdowns would only get him a 113-113 draw on my card. Gongora needed a KO and he got it in dramatic fashion. Akhmedov came out to win the round and solidify the tough fight but was dropped hard by a left uppercut. Akhmedov rose but was clearly still shaken by the blow. After surviving for a moment, Gongora began to score again with his right hook and left uppercut and devastated Akhmedov in a shocking finish in the final round. This fight had momentum shifts, blood, and some heavy leather exchanged.

This fight is a serious contender for Upset of the Year and a possible Knockout of the Year runner up though there are several other great KO’s in 2020. If you have DAZN and missed the bout I recommend putting on the replay and watching it from start to finish.


Bout: 168 lbs.123456789101112Final

Former World Champion Chris Algieri had the fight even going into the final round.

Round 1 and Round 4 are swing rounds in my eyes and could reasonably go to Gongora

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