Lamon Brewster teaches his left hook

In this eight year-old video former WBO Heavyweight Champion Lamon Brewster demonstrates his left hook. As someone who puts in time at the gym I find this instructional video valuable for anyone learning the left hook. The left hook is the third most important punch after the jab and cross and is often difficult for a beginner to throw effectively. Often times new boxers throw it as an arm punch without getting their full weight behind it. Though he does not explain the head movement part of it, watch the way his head is off the line when he throws his left hook. An important part of punch technique is taking your head off the center line. Watch the way his head shifts closer to his right shoulder as he throws the left hook. A second observation of Brewster’s technique is the way that he is positioned for the right hand. He demonstrates reloading the left hook and slipping the jab to throw a second hook or going under the right hand and digging to the ribs with another left hook. Through my training, the fighter should be in position to throw a right hand behind any hook they throw. Brewster is set and ready to turn over a devastating right hand when he finishes the left hook. Below I will post a video of Brewster’s first round technical knockout of Andrew Golota where his left hook is featured. He drops Golota about ten seconds into the fight with the help of his powerful left hook.

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