NJ Indoor Sports Executive Order Does Not Apply to Boxing

Governor Phil Murphy has released an executive order regarding COVID-19 and new regulations to go back in place. Fortunately, the executive order does not apply to professional sports and does not apply to gyms. The regulations cancel interstate high school and collegiate indoor sports. Boxing gyms or gyms in general are not currently effected by the new rules which seem to change what bars and restaurants have to do or scholastic sports. Unfortunately, New Jersey has not resumed boxing in the way of new events. New Jersey’s USA Boxing page confirms that there will be no events until June of 2021. On Boxrec there are currently no listed professional events scheduled for the Garden State. At this moment gyms are still struggling, at my gym in Nutley one of the more experienced amateurs’ is travelling thirty minutes a day from Sparta just to train. He does not do this out of choice but out of the fact that he cannot go to his current gym that has not reopened and may never reopen.

While no law is actually banning boxing the scenario on the ground is basically a de facto ban on the sport. I hope to see boxing revitalize in NJ and I think boxing can help the overall comeback of Atlantic City which has always been a boxing hub. As I suggested in my previous article on Enforcer Fitness, please join a gym and help keep them alive if you have any interest in the sport. Get a great workout in and learn the techniques of the sport you appreciate to prevent these coaches and their gyms from going under.

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