Rumors: Canelo Alvarez fighting in 2020? Oscar De La Hoya back?

Canelo Alvarez vs Caleb Plant?

Canelo Alvarez got out of his contract with DAZN and Golden Boy Promotions in what turned out to be a very brief struggle. Fighters exiting contracts usually results in drawn out legal battles, more recently I think of Andre Ward who lost several years of his prime to break from Goosen Promotions. For Alvarez the whole ordeal lasted a few months. Canelo is eager to get in the ring before the year is over and without having signed a promotional contract or television/streaming deal, rumors are circulating that he will face Caleb Plant in December of 2019. The main date listed on various sources breaking this story seem to indicate the 19th but nothing is confirmed. It seems tough to get a fight together that quickly given the financials involved but we will see. I wanted to post something about this development so I added a rumors section to my site since I cannot designate this into news just yet. That said, I think Plant poses an interesting style match up for Canelo who has struggled with movers like Erislandy Lara and Floyd Mayweather in the past. Plant will be several inches taller and is a fighter that likes to move around the ring and use his jab. This fight had been talked about earlier in the year but was not moved forward on. With Canelo’s free agent status this fight seems much more likely.

Oscar De La Hoya vs Marcos Maidana?

With Julio Cesar Chavez fighting an exhibition on DAZN and Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. coming up on PPV it seems the comeback bug has bitten De La Hoya. Between Youtubers like Jake and Logan Paul getting platformed fights, legends coming back, and his biggest star leaving him, Oscar is having his midlife crisis comeback. Where as you have to make the team in the NFL, NBA or MLB; boxing does not care and will let anybody climb back in the ropes to look for the former glory. Unlike many washed up fighters Oscar still has enough power to choose opponents and make events while most older fighters get lumped in for young guns to beat up on. De La Hoya has hinted at coming back before but was never able to get the wheels in serious motion. Oscar had the biggest PPV event at the time when he lost a decision to Floyd Mayweather in a good showing before being completely destroyed by Manny Pacquiao. Oscar took the loss as an exit from the sport as he shifted to full time promoter serving former opponents like Shane Mosley and Bernard Hopkins to developing newcomers like Saul Alvarez and Ryan Garcia. Marcos Maidana is a name that has been attracting attention as a front runner for Oscar’s return to the ring. Maidana is best known for taking the 0’s of Victor Ortiz and Adrien Broner and giving Floyd Mayweather a tough 12 round fight. The win over Ortiz was one of the more exciting in HBO’s final decade of boxing and the Broner win has a cult appreciation among hardcore fans and has become a meme among social media fans. While Oscar got a card in his favor against Floyd, Maidana’s 114-114 draw card has more legitimacy and he brought the fight more to Floyd than Oscar did. Oscar is clearly the greater fighter with better boxing skills and fought as high as 160 in the professional ring. However, Maidana fought more recently as he retired in 2014 as opposed to 2008 and is a younger fighter. Both men ballooned in weight and Oscar had some well know issues as well (not sure what I can write on here). The fight will likely be at 154 or 160 and from seeing recent pictures of Maidana that would seem like a big ask.

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