DAZN October 30, 2020: Tureano Johnson vs Jaime Mungia Round by Round


WBC International Welterweight Title

Rashidi Ellis 22-0 (14) from Lynn, Massachusetts unranked WBC

Alex Rocha 16-0 (10) from Santana, California #14 in the WBC

Round 1: Ellis in the white and purple with white gloves and Rocha in black with the Mexican and US flags. Very patient round with Ellis an orthodox fighter and Rocha a southpaw. Ellis comes right down the middle with a straight right hand behind a jab.. Ellis follows up with a lead right without a jab. Rocha tries a left hand but misses the mark and eats 2 in return. Rocha keeping a high guard tries to cut the ring off but Ellis is moving well around he perimeter. The pace has slowed but Rocha has not been able to push back. Ellis sits back and springs with a jab, right left hook and Rocha tries to respond but is countered. Rocha is patiently pressuring and studying Ellis. 10-9 Ellis

Round 2: Rocha comes in with a right hook and his hands remain low and he eats a left hook. Ellis continues to double jab and come back with his right hand. Rocha, unmoved stays in and then traps Rocha along the ropes but Rocha exits right. Ellis cornered again and takes a left hand. Rocha using his jab to press Ellis to the ropes. Ellis spending too much time close to the ropes. Very flashy work from Ellis but nothing is really landing for him at least not effectively.

Round 3: Patient first minute with Rocha in pursuit but Ellis lands a right uppercut counter before doing his best Rick Flair…Wooo! Rocha tries to the body and takes a check hook and Ellis exited from the ropes. He then circled back to the corner not sure if it is because he cannot push Rocha back or is trying to set up counters by baiting him in. Ellis back to work on the jab and Rocha answers with his own. Flashy 4 punch combo for Ellis but they all were blocked. 10-9 Ellis hard round to score

Round 4: Rocha goes two jabs and a left and missed and Ellis taunted with a John Cena hand wave in front of his face. Ellis jabs as Rocha goes with 2 lefts to the head then two to the body. Rocha tries a jab to the body and gets Ellis cornered again but Ellis escapes out to the side. Ellis doubled his right hand. Another nip tuck type of round still up for grabs in the last minute. Left hand hits Ellis along the ropes. Ellis gets behind Rocha in a clinch and rubs his hair with his glove. 10-9 Rocha

Round 5: Ellis starts out jabbing and moving to his left away from Rocha’s left. Their heads come together and the referee separates and he warns Ellis for talking. Rocha opens up with Ellis on the ropes, Rocha lands a counter left hook. Rocha gets his head inside and ties up with his right arm and digs lefts to the body. A low blow breaks up the action as Ellis takes his time to recover. Rocha targets the body as a right hand comes over the top and scores. Ellis begins moving right toward Rocha’s power hand but does score his right hand. Rocha gets inside but Ellis scores before Rocha lands a right hook on the exit. 10-9 Rocha but close

Round 6: Ellis jabbing and lands a strong right hand. Rocha comes back with a powerful left that sends Ellis back. Ellis lands 2 to the body and his corner yells for more. Ellis circles, gets trapped, circles gets trapped. Ellis in stationary moments gets hit to the body as Rocha’s corner shouts good good. Ellis lands a right cross but it does not deter Rocha. Rocha landed a solid left down the middle to the head after a struggled to hit the head so far. Ellis lands 2 or 3 good right hands near the end of the round may have gave it away though none damaging. 10-9 Rocha

Round 7: Ellis off to a strong start in the round bringing his right hand behind his jab. Rocha back to 1 at a time and less body. Ellis shoe shines at Rocha. Rocha digs a solid right hook to the body but Ellis escapes follow up and returns a few of his own. Ellis puts a right hand over the Rocha left. 10-9 Ellis

Round 8: Ellis moving side to side and scoring rights. Rocha trying to corral Ellis with his right hook. Very favorable range for Ellis in the round so far. Rocha takes a check left hook on his way out. Ellis defends a body shot and sneaks his right hand up to score to the chin. 30 seconds to go in the middle of the ring up for grabs round. Ellis solid right down the middle at the end of the round, corner shouts yes in approval as Rocha backs off. 10-9 Ellis

Round 9: Rocha’s corner demanded action in between rounds and asked if he was tired. Ellis tries working the jab to the body trying to illicit a reaction. Last minute Ellis gets back to the jab on the outside and Rocha has to adjust. Not sure if Rocha took the round off or has been deterred from opening up. 10-9 Ellis

Round 10: Ellis takes a left off the shoulder and tried a right counter but came up short. Ellis goes to knee in a clinch and Rocha comes back in pursuit. Rocha foes back to the body and presses along the ropes. Rocha’s corner urges on the attack as they feel the fight slipping away. Ellis continues to move right but without an active jab Rocha continues to move in unimpeded. Rocha goes right hook left hand and the corner yells for more. Rocha pressing more ducks a right and scores a left and eats another shot but bounces on his toes back in. 10-9 Rocha

Round 11: Ellis opens up the round on a check hook. Some good exchanges in the second minute but Ellis scores more straight right hands as the round progressed. Rocha only opening up in select moments and Ellis’s defense and counter lull him to sleep. Ellis grunting and jabbing as Rocha stands there and a right hand gets through and snaps the head back. 10-9 Ellis

Round 12: Ellis down but not a knockdown. Rocha scores a solid left near the ropes Ellis buckles slightly. Rocha going to work on the body as Ellis opens up grunting while sending rights down the middle and going left hook to the body. Heads come together as Rochas soldiers on. Ellis jabs at space and remains in range as Rocha ducks down and tries to slip in but eats a right hand. Ellis splits the guard again with a right as Rocha’s corner shouts now now. Ellis now opening up with right hand leads without a jab. Rocha scores a solid right hook as Ellis continues to press. 10-9 Ellis, 115-113 Ellis

Final: Cantu and Migliore 116-112 115-113 Unanimous decision Rashidi Ellis

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