DAZN October 30, 2020: Tureano Johnson vs Jaime Mungia Round by Round

WBO Junior Flyweight Championship bout

Champion Elwin Soto 17-1 (12) from Mexicali, Mexico

Challenger Carlos Buitrago 32-5-1 (18) from Managua, Nicaragua

Referee Raul Caiz Jr.

Buitrago black and gold trunks & Soto silver and blue

Buitraga 28-0 in Nicaragua, 6th title try 2-3 in his last 5

Round 1: Very measured pace as both men come out measuring each other at range. Soto keeps a very tight defense as he blocks shots on his gloves. Buitrago taking risks but 1 or 2 at a time. Soto not throwing much but lands a right counter. Buitrago sticking to his jab but not effectively. Buitrago tries a 1-2 but both land right on the gloves. Not much landed either way, Buitrago was the aggressor 10-9 Buitrago

Round 2: Buitrago starts out with the jab. Soto tries a hard overhand right followed by a left hook, blocked. Buitrago comes back with a left hook but it hit the gloves. Double left hook for Soto, first missed but it set up another. Soto comes back with another and Buitrago just stays there. Buitrago tries left hook body then head blocked. Buitrago goes again and lands but no real damage. Hard left uppercut lands hard on Buitrago as Soto opens up down the stretch but Buitrago brings back a right. 10-9 Soto

Round 3: Soto effective jab scored early. Buitrago sticks out a range keeping jab. Overhand right for Soto but Buitrago scores solid left hook gets Soto’s attention. Buitrago throws and uppercut from range gets countered. Buitrago tries left hooks to the body as Soto flings a right overhand and scores. Left hook lands for Soto but it was rolled but moments later a hard left hook hit the body. Soto opens up more in the final minute with hooks and uppercuts and ducks the return fire. 10-9 Soto

Round 4: Soto following and wading in not throwing much. Soto slips left and throws another hard left hook. Soto slips two jabs and lands a left hook. Soto in pursuit split the jab again and stays on top of Buitrago. Buitrago finally scores a flush jab as Buitrago moves patiently. 10-9 Soto

Round 5: Soto times a left hook to the ear after a Buitrago jab. Buitrago tires a right to the body and eats a left hook. Soto turns his body like a hook to land a solid jab. Soto getting cocky bouncing on his toes in and out getting cocky. Buitrago sticks out his punches and lands more. Soto lands a left to the head, left to the body knocked Buitrago off balance. 10-9 Soto

Round 6: Soto dips and scores with another left hook. Buitrago sticks in a hard jab and brought in a right hand. Buitrago back to the jab and bringing his left hook. Buitrago goes left hook body right to the head. Buitrago after a break put together 3 shots all touching but not damaging. Buitrago backing up slipping gets a good round. 10-9 Buitrago

Round 7: Soto opens the round with a hard right hand. Buitrago remains at range and jabs. Buitrago goes to work with the combinations and works the uppercuts. Lazy right from Buitrago and Soto times and lands a counter. Soto throws 4 or 5 but all hit the gloves. Soto lands a jab before Buitrago goes back n to the move. Buitrago ducks low and covers the body well and boxes very effectively in this round. Mix of solid shots by both as an overhand caps off the 7th. Solid work for Soto carries it 10-9

Round 8: Late in the first minute Soto scores a hard left hook Caiz Jr intervenes on holding the head down. Buitrago opens up with 3 or 4 but a left hook from Soto scores hard. Soto lands a flush right hand over the tops heading into the final minute. Soto tries a hard pull counter but comes up short. Soto in pursuit near the end snaps his head back with an up jab. 10-9 Soto

Round 9: Buitrago eats a left hook to start the round while trying to jab. Again Soto rolls to the right and loads up with his jab and really snaps it like a power shot. Buitrago digs a left hook to the body but eats a left hook to the head on his exit. Buitrago tries two jabs as Soto wades in as they are blocked. Buitrago throws 3 for Soto to score 1, pattern repeats itself. 10-9 Soto. Buitrago’s right eye is looking damaged and they go to work in the corner with the endswell.

Round 10: Soto starts off bouncing on his toes darting from angle to angle and Soto scores a left hook to the head as Buitrago dips down. Buitrago scores a right cross and avoids the left hook in return. Soto does comeback and score moments later. Soto blocks a series of jabs and lands a right hand down the middle. Right hand comes in over the low left of Buitrago. Soto again scores 2 or 3 shots to close the round. 10-9 Soto

Round 11: Soto walks into a big right hand from Buitrago off of his slips and trying to up jab. Soto took it well but Buitrago stays on the jab. Soto back to work in punching range but keeps his hands down. Soto scores a flush left hook and Buitrago sticks around and scores back. Caiz Jr warns Soto again threatens to take a point for pulling the head. Soto spends final 30 seconds slipping jabs and putting in his overhand right. 10-9 Buitrago

Round 12: 10-9 Buitrago, Soto clowns away the round does score a few nice shots. 116-112 Soto

Final: 119-109 117-111 115-113 Unanimous Decision Soto

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