DAZN Main Event: Tureano Johnson vs Jaime Mungia

WBO Intercontinental Title 160 lbs.

Jaime Mungia 35-0 (28) ranked #1 by the WBO from Tijuana, Mexico former 154lb WBO champion trained by Erik Morales

Tureano Johnson 21-2-1(15) unranked in the WBO from Brooklyn, NY trained by Andre Rozier

Referee Raul Caiz Sr.

Round 1: Johnson wastes no time inn the southpaw stance and gets inside with straight lefts and right hooks. Johnson is all over him to start the contest. Johnson goes back to orthodox and lands two hard overhand rights and gets back inside. Johnson goes back to a left hook to the body and goes inside wit the overhand. Mungia opens up with a right hand over the top and tires the left hook. As Mungia opens up Johnson goes back to lefty and tightens up and goes in. Uppercut from Mungia lifts Johnson’s head. Element of surprise looks over and Mungia looks warmed up, still getting swarmed but seems like he has recovered. Johnson grabs on the head and bobs and weaves to get in close and works Mungia back to the corner and shoe shines the body and cuffs with a very short right. Mungia needs to jab and get room. 10-9 Johnson

Round 2: Some blood coming out of Johnson’s mouth in between rounds. Johnson comes out southpaw again and gets ot the chest as Mungia ties him up. Inside again Mungia lands a right uppercut. Johnson swamrs again with a very tight guard and stays orthodox. Mungia continues to tie up but he is very uncomfortable. Johnson starts to focus a left hook to teh body and two overhand rights fold Mungia over but he rode them. Mungia starts whipping the uppercuts but Johnson stays on him but Mungia is starting to land really strong shots. Johnson falling in and trying to wear Mungia down but the shots from Mungia seems to be turning the tide they are very heavy. Johnson in short range hand fights for inside control and slips his short fight up. Johnson very hard overhand right in between punches but Mungia has the uppercut going. Mungia throws a flurry but mostly defended. Hard 1-2 by Mungia. Very hard round to score lots of big blows from both men. 10-9 Mungia.

Round 3: Johnson gets all the way into his chest but doesn’t land. Mungia begins to get separation and jab. Mungia now starts to wait and try to time Johnson coming in to couther with his harder punches. Mungia firing back but he is still hitting gloves. Munguia’s mouth his wide open as he continues to back up and Johnson still wading in effectively and getting inside. The two stand shoulder to shoulder and hit each other with left hooks. a over hand right has Mungia back up across the ring but he fires back. Mungia 10-9

Round 4: Pace slows a little but Johnson keeps pressing. Hard overhand right at the end of the round as Rozier yells more. Mungia’s mouth is open but he is moving and trying to get room. It is tough to tell if Johnson at 36 can keep pushing this the way that he has and smothers Mungia’s work. 10-9 Johnson

Round 5: Johnson starts out as a southpaw to start the round. Caiz Sr. warns for grabbing the head and takes time to speak with both fighters. Mungia throws a 4 punch combo but Johnson dips and puts an overhand right over the top and Mungia bends all the way down riding the shot. Johnson counters a left hook to the body with a left hook to the head. Mungia bent over with his head out in front and Johnson takes what he is given. Johnson in full pursuit of a moving Mungia who is struggling to mount offense with Johnson in his chest. Rozier starts yelling his mouth is open punch and go to the body. With his back to the corner Mungia desperately throws 5 or 6 shots to get Johnson off of him. 10-9 Johnson

Round 6: Mungia came out effectively y to start the round aiming for the right hand down the middle. Mungia teed off as Johnson ducked in a low crouch and avoided shots. Rozier shouted he’s tired and Johnson got inside and started to work, a right hook from the southpaw stance turned his head. More hooks come in and Rozier shouted he Don’t want it! At range Johnson comes in southpaw but pursues more patiently. Mungia winds up a big overhand right but is well short. Johnson now on the retreat but Mungia misses and Johnson backs him back across the ring. Caiz calls time to have the doctor look at the bleeding left eye and lip. His lip was very bad and he was instructed the fight ends at the end of the round, nu ruling on the call. Mungia comes alive and opens up and lands a huge right hand at the bell. 10-9 Mungia

Stopped in between rounds with maybe the worst lip cut I have ever seen.. Uppercut clearly did it and you could see the blood and piece of lip fly off on the replay. TKO 6

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