Recommendations: Michael Montero Previews Lomachenko vs Lopez

As I have done on this blog in the past I like to recommend and promote other boxing writers and journalists etc. I have been following Montero for several years now and since his early days as a Youtube Boxing content creator. He used to have viewers do homework assignments to like, subscribe and share so I figured I would continue the tradition on here. I hope you enjoy his breakdown and preview.

I liked his speeding on the highway analogy in relation to this fight. I think we are given a very interesting style clash here as well as an old lion vs young lion collision. Both men have things going for them that contribute to interesting predictions. My immediate thought is Lomachenko’s experience and reflexes see him to victory. However, I think Lopez will be a determined foe who will press and go for the knockout. I am expecting a Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz type of fight. Lopez will use his explosive style and attributes to apply pressure and create exchanges. Despite heated moments I expect Lomachenko to make much of these attacks miss and counter effectively. I predict a Lomachenko clear decision in the realm of a 116-112 type of score. I do not see Lomachenko stopping Lopez unless it is a liver shot or the possibility of a total frustration leading to a corner retirement. I find the latter very unlikely. On the same token I do not foresee Lopez out boxing Lomachenko over 12 rounds. A knockout is always a possibility. Montero mentions a come from behind scenario where Lomachenko eases off for a moment and gets caught. I actually think it could be more of a scenario of Lopez getting to Lomachenko while he is in analysis mode and has not figured him out yet. This occurred early in the Sergey Kovalev vs Andre Ward fight where Kovalev beat Ward to the punch on a hard right hand that shocked and dropped Andre. Likewise, Floyd Mayweather was stunned in round 2 against Shane Mosley from a well planned right hand as Floyd was still timing him. I think this is always a possibility but not one that I bank on.

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