Boxing News 24: Published 9/24/2020 Enforcer Fitness Interview

Continuing from my site news section the interview of Chris Conca of Enforcer Fitness in Nutley, NJ has been published. I will link below to encourage any readers of this blog to take a look. Also while you are there please take time to read the other work produced on

“Just as small businesses are the lifeblood of a local economy, family-owned boxing gyms are the breeding ground for aspiring boxers and our youth searching for something more.

Chris Conca of Nutley, New Jersey, established Enforcer Fitness in 2017 and carries a wealth of experience dating back to 1986, where his boxing journey began. For Conca, this is a personal vision to carry on the legacy of his cousin, who was lost to Sepsis, who dreamed of opening his own boxing gym.”

-George Goddiess

I want to also take time on here to thank Chris Conca for welcoming me into his gym and taking the time to speak with me.

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