Recommendations: Content to check out

For fans and followers of my blog I will try to expose some of you to the content I follow from various writers and other contributors:

Michael Montero writes for Ring Magazine and his podcast has been picked up by them as well. He is a terrific writer and his podcast has grown over the last several years. He has high profile boxing names like Kelly Pavlik on the show to experts in the field like Doctor Margaret Goodman in a multi segment series on steroids and testing in boxing. His podcast is weekly and he does live fight nights as well.

Rummy’s Corner is a great Youtube channel that focuses on boxing history mixed in with current fight previews and post fight thoughts and analysis. He is an outstanding video editor who puts his stories together well and mixes in great footage. His videos are put up every week or two with different types of segments. He does division histories, individual fighter histories and just other look backs at boxing from another era.

Lee Wylie is a fantastic fight film analyst. Lately he has shortened his content down to quicker takes on great fighters and basic parts of their greatness. He covers fighters from the classic eras of the 30’s and 40’s to the early television eras of the 50’s and 60’s all the way up to the modern era. He has a great eye for the sport and presents his videos with great editing and interesting music.

Escudo is a great boxing blogger. He does excellent write ups of the fights and edits video well into easy to breakdown gifs. I find his use of gifs matched with descriptions and breakdowns to be very unique. His content often centers on current fights but is not limited to it.

Sweet Fights is a fantastic Youtube channel that centers on classic fight footage. Their library is extensive and either has full fights, compilations of fights from specific fighters and segments of great fights. The content is released at least once a month in its original form with original commentary and taken directly from a VHS collection. In there are also many hilarious ads from yesteryear.

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