ESPN July 14, 2020 Scorecards

Bout: 1681234Final
Javier Martinez: Debut1010101040
Jonathan Burrs: 2-1 (0)999936
Bout: 160123456Final
Clay Collard: 7-2-3 (2)10TKO
Lorawnt Nelson: 5-3 (4)8

-Nelson down in round 1

-Nelson down twice in round 2 and stopped on his feet

Bout: 135123456Final
Ruben Cervera: 11-2 (10)101010991058
Clay Burns: 9-8-2 (4)8991010955

-Burns down in the first round

Bout 13012345678910Final
Mikaela Mayer: 12-0 (5)101010101010910101099
Helen Joseph: 17-4-2 (10)9999991099991

-Julie Lederman has the same card

-Shutout scores on the other cards

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