ESPN July 14, 2020 Round by Round Mayer vs Joseph


-Top Rank first women’s main event (or possibly just Top Rank on ESPN)

Jamel Herring cancelled again by Covid-19

Javier Martinez Wins Dominant Decision Over Jonathan Burrs

Javier Martinez made his professional debut on ESPN with a solid shutout decision to open the night. At 6’1 and a reach of 72″ this Milwaukee southpaw may prove to be a handful for top fighters down the road. At 24 Martinez made his debut after 55 amateur contests and showcased his right hook. The torque he generates on the punch reminded me a little of Andy Lee and he sported a rat tail that looked like Kostya Tszyu. Burrs entered the ring wearing a lion mask and donned fur covered trunks but did not bring that same ferocity. Burrs was competitive and threw punches but never seemed to establish himself or visibly hurt or bother Martinez at any moment in the fight. Given the quick turn around time of fighters we will probably see him back in there before the end of August.

Round 1: Slow first minute before a solid counter right hook as Burr charged in without a jab. Very slow first round with Martinez using his right hand more as a range finder than an authoritative jab. Burrs did not really offer much outside the occasional lead right hand. Two good right hooks from Martinez in the opening minute were the highlight of the round.

Round 2: Martinez was more aggressive to begin the second round as he lead out with his jab and came behind it with a good left cross. A solid over hand left beat Burr’s right to the punch as he anticipated an attack. Martinez is drawing and countering Burrs effectively so far. Martinez continues to go with the 1-2 but leans in a little and Burrs tries to go with a right hand down the middle. In the last thirty seconds Martinez began to sit on his shots more with a double right hook with one to the body followed by another to the head. Burrs stood in and tried to fire back as Martinez withdrew his hands but unsuccessfully.

Round 3: Burrs spent a little time southpaw in a rare moment where he had Martinez on the ropes but did not score effectively. Burrs scored inside with a crisp left hook. Martinez digs to the body with a hard right hook but Burrs came up top with a left hook of his own. Same sequence follows with Martinez popping his head back and creating a miss. Burrs lands a soft left hook to the head and Martinez came right back with a right hook of his own to the head but with more torque. The most competitive round of the bout for sure.

Round 4: The pair began the round trading to the body. Martinez is starting to mix in his left a little more in addition to the right hook. A left cross lifts Burrs’ foot off the ground while he was off balance. Swelling began to form on the cheek on the left side of Martinez’s face. Martinez used some head movement to evade shots later in the round and scored with two of his own 1-2’s. Strong finish from Martinez who swung his right hook like he was looking to end it.

Ruben Cervera Wins Decision Over Game Clay Burns

Ruben Cervera got his first victory on American soil after 6 competitive rounds with Clay Burns. Cervera dropped Burns very early in the fight with a left hook while up against the ropes. However, by the end of the fight he was on his bike and in full retreat from a hard charging Burns. The punch stats (I don’t score fights with it) were pretty close with both men landing 70 apiece and and throwing similar numbers but Cervera was the much harder and more effective puncher. I will admit I am a homer when it comes to Clay Burns who I have seen on multiple undercards. Burns is tough and well conditioned and brings out the best in his usually much more superior opponents. Burns fought for the 4th time this year and last fought June 25th which is quite impressive. Cervera is still developing at 22 and had a hard jab and accurate right hand. He has many stoppages like many other Colombian punchers that have preceded him. He had a tough time with the pressure down the stretch but was adept at timing Burns and hitting him on the way out. He floored Miguel Marriaga in a previous fight with only two days notice which is impressive. I look forward to seeing Cervera again and hope to see further improvements.

Round 1: Burnsdown in the first ten seconds after charging at Cervera in his corner. Burns turned into a mover after the initial charge as Cervera turned into the aggressor. Cervera came in with a right cross but Burns came back with a left hook. Cervera is throwing his right with some real venom but is coming up short on the mobile Burns. Burns came back charging later in the round.

Round 2: Burns came forward early in the round seeming undeterred. Cervera came right down the middle with a hard right hand that knocked Burns back on his heels. On the outside Cervera was able to split Burns’ high guard with his jab. Burns lunged in with a straight right and Cervera fired back a combination that appeared to do damage. Burns landed a left hook and Cervera fell back a little but seemed like more of a balance issue than him being hurt.

Round 3: Cervera controlled the center of the ring to start the jab as he methodically marched forward. Burns ate two solid hooks to the body as he backed out but did not get fully out of range. Burns landed an effective 1-2 but was hit with a hard left hook to the body. Overhand right from Burns as Cervera walked in but it did not seem to do damage. Burns switched southpaw briefly but switched back without scoring. Fairly competitive round.

Round 4: Burns began the round coming forward and Cervera backed up to counter. Burns is getting hit at the end of exchanges and having his best work overshadowed. Burns is pressuring now with choppy steps as he runs in and tries to land his right. Burns shoves Cervera to the ropes and is trying to take Cervera out of his comfort zone. A little more clinching in this round as Burns charges in and they are getting tied up.

Round 5: Both fighters met in the middle to exchange and Burns landed a solid left hook to the head. Burns started to circle to his right to get away from the right hand but languished in range and got hit by two.

Round 6: Cervera stays on the retreat in this round as he tries to force more exchanges. The left hook is making more appearances for Burns in this round. Cervera in total retreat in the final minute but scores a 1-2 on an off balance Burns. Cervera matadors Burns at the end. Cervera on the run but lands the cleaner more effective shots.

Clay Collard Wipes Out Lorwant Nelson TKO 2

Clay Collard continues his 2020 roll and I spent time submitting an article to Boxing News 24 on this fight that I will link after it gets published.

Round 1: Collard’s right hand landed several times early. Nelson seems to be at a hand speed disadvantage with his looping right. Nelson is arming his punches out there and paying the price from Collard’s snappier reprisals. Collard mixed in head movement to evade Nelson’s attacks and then landed on the head of Nelson who keeps it on the line. Nelson hit with a right hand and goes to a knee and pops up to get hit again. Left hand drops Nelson again but ruled a push. Collard has a huge first round as he rocked Nelson at the end of the round. Doesn’t look like this is going much longer.

It’s funny I marked the opening round 10-8 on the scorecard post by accident while scoring the Burns vs Cervera fight but left it just in case. Maybe I should bet on these fights more often!

Round 2: Collard came out aggressively and cornered Nelson and is landing a very effective left hook. Straight right hand lands and Nelson comes down but pops back up. Ref gave him another chance. Left hook scores again and drops Nelson who takes an 8 count. Left hook right hand lands flush shocked he stayed up. Fight waved off!

Mikaela Mayer Dominant in 10 Round Decision over Helen Joseph

Mayer fought tonight without her head trainer against her biggest step up and came through with flying colors. Mayer showed terrific poise and punch variation as she worked her way to a dominant unanimous decision with two shut outs and a 99-91 score. Joseph was very tough and well conditioned (ESPN mentioned here 200 lb wheelbarrow and 40 lb vest) but she was made completely ineffective in the boxing contest. She put forth a hard fought effort but never came close to turning the tide and never really hurt Mayer. Mayer moved very effectively and when she stood her ground put together impressive combinations. Mayer is massive for the weight and has towered over her opposition. Joseph is not a soft puncher by any means and Mayer took everything without even noticing. Mayer never seemed to have Joseph in much danger either but the corner threatened to call it off though that could have been a motivational move. Mayer is probably ready for a big fight and had a just as if not more decisive win over Joseph than Delfine Persoon did. I don’t subscribe to triangle theory A-B-C nonsense but it could be an indication of how she might do versus the Persoons and Katie Taylor’s of the women’s boxing world.

Round 1: Mayer scores early with a strong right hand as Joseph comes out as the aggressor. Joseph ducks the right and tries a left hook. Joseph coming in wide from underneath but is not able to land. Mayer is sticking out the jab to try and stop Joseph’s attack. Mayer opens up with right hands and uppercuts when Joseph stays in range.

Round 2: Joseph comes out pressing but is getting countered by Mayer’s tighter punches. Mayer so far looks comfortable but Joseph’s style if it can be maintained may be able to wear Mayer down later on. Mayer is circling to her right where Joseph is aiming her shots but has maintained a tight defense.

Round 3: Joseph had a few moments early as she got inside and scored to the body. Joseph walking in and getting hit with jabs but remains undeterred. Joseph seems to only slip or roll to the right and it his making her a fairly predictable target despite the height differential allowing her to make herself a small target.

Round 4: Mayer opens up with both hands in combination and Joseph responds in close. Mayer landed a solid left hook. Mayer back at range goes back to work with the jab and continues to circle out effectively. Joseph hangs in despite getting hit numerous times and lands a flush left hook. Joseph started to raise up in her stance and was able to land more effectively but at a cost.

Round 5: More of the same in the 5th as Mayer continues to circle and land combinations. Joseph scores as well but not effectively. Shut out so far.

Round 6: Mayer opened the round pouring it on with right hands. Joseph was incapable of scoring back despite the shots not doing visible damage. Mayer continues to chop her right hand over the top and Joseph brings her left hook to the body but has yet to land anything that seems to elicit a reaction.

Round 7: Joseph came out with an overhand right and continues to try and bring pressure. Mayer continues to jab from the outside as Joseph got a right hand over the shoulder and landed to the head. Mayer continues to control the fight but Joseph landed a short right hook as Mayer’s hand got low. Closer round maybe a Joseph round .

Round 9: Joseph’s corner threatened to pull her out in between rounds. Ward has it a clean sweep 80-72. Mayer is employing a very nice left hook to compliment her effective jab.

Round 10: Mayer closes the show effectively as a game and well conditioned Joseph makes it to the finish line.

I made a prediction on here when both were slated to meet initially and picked Mayer. However, I will have to take my hat off to Mayer as I felt it would be a close decision.

I pick Mayer by a 96-94 or 97-93 type of decision. 

George Goddiess

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