ESPN 6/30/20 Round By Round: Early Undercard

Final fight card in June 2020

Middleweight: Donte Stubbs 6-0 in his first 6 rounder vs Isiah Jones 8-2 after an 8-0 start

Round 1: Quiet opening round has Stubbs establishes his power.

Round 2: Jones boxes more effectively on his toes this round. With about 15 seconds to go he landed a solid right hand. Stubbs shook his head but he was hit clean.

Round 3: Stubbs came in aggressively with an overhand right to begin the round. Jones started sweeping his jab into a hybrid hook trying to work his way around the guard. Stubbs got wild falling in and was countered effectively with a left. Jones began to jab at range with more venom on the punch. Stubbs tried to bore in with hooks but was countered again. Stubbs had a very aggressive series at the end of the round but maybe one punch got through.

Round 4: Stubbs if anything starts the round well controlling the center and moving Jones always closer to the ropes. Jones got down stairs with some wide hooks but they didn’t seem particularly hard. Stubbs tried a 1-2 but the right missed. Stubbs has a harder but slower jab and he needs to try to stick Jones when Jones jabs. Jones is opening up with combinations of hooks to the body but is very selective when he attacks. Stubbs is left with few opportunities as Jones effectively gets out after throwing. Jones did get trapped on the ropes but Stubbs was unable to take advantage. Solid 1-2 from Jones with around 10 seconds to go.

Round 5: Jones starts off this round moving and jabbing. Stubbs had a tie up moment where he landed a short right and Jones bent down open for the uppercut but it didn’t come. Left hook blocked but Stubbs did not shift his guard right and got hit with a follow up right. Stubbs charges with Jones near the ropes but he landed a hard right hand. A combination backed Stubbs all the way out of range. “It’s been a totally different fight since Jones made Stubbs use his feet”-Andre Ward.

Round 6: Final round! Jones has been standing in a little more and trying hooks to the body. Stubbs has tried a few overhand rights but without effect. Jones two jabs a right hand and a hook to the body. Good series along the ropes finishes with a Jones right hand . Stubbs missed on a wild overhand right and Jones stuck out a smile.


Tim Cheatham had it 57-57! How!? Fortunately he was overruled by Byrd at 58-56 which is a little close and Cheek with a 59-55 card just like me.

Final thought. Had Jones winning this as a run away. Jones lost 14 days ago against Nikoloz Sekhniashvili by unanimous decision but he was near flawless tonight.

Junior Welter: 8 rounds John Bauza from North Bergen, NJ 13-0 (5) vs Larry Fryers 11-2 (4)

Round 1: High pace start southpaw vs orthodox. Bauza keeps a dangerously low right hand but has a very accurate left hand counter. Bauza counters ‘well as Fryer continues to press.

Round 2: Fryer still coming in without his jab. Fryer tipping off his attacks and getting countered by right hooks as he falls in.

Round 3: Good left hand right hook by Bauza but Fryer presses on and attempts to drag Bauza into a fight. Fryer’s face beginning to redden after just two full rounds. Bauza continues to stand at range with his right hand out as a range finder. He is continuing to effectively counter Fryer and stay responsible enough on defense to avoid the exchanges and Fryer’s spirited attacks.

Round 4: Bauza walks Fryer right into an uppercut. Fryer used his shoulder to work Bauza to the ropes and tried a left hook to the body but nothing substantial. Bauza tries his left from the outside and misses and Fryer initiates a clinch but attacks with his free right hand. Fryer a little better but Bauza is still in control.

Round 5: Bauza’s right hand comes up higher and he begins catching shots and countering from mid range. Hard left hand snaps back Fryer’s head in the middle of the round.

Round 6: Fairly quiet round

Round 7: Fryer comes out to try and make it a brawl once more. He has a few moments of inside work but is in a deep hole. Bauza continues to circle and land single left hands and get out of danger. Solid right hand counter by Bauza with a charging Fryer.

Round 8: Final Round! Bauza swept a hard left hand around the guard that popped Fryer but to no effect. Cruise to the finish but a trip at the end has him finish the fight on the deck.


Jarmin 79-73 Byrd and Moretti both 80-72

Bauza started boxing at 9

Fryer union carpenter in NYC

Bauza 6th decision in a row, no stoppages since 2017

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