ESPN June 25, 2020

Writing as Porozo and Gonzalez complete 5 rounds:

As a boxing fanatic I am loving the frequent cards. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! It feels like an NBA schedule and I’ve felt for a while that boxing should mix up its dates to try new audiences. On one hand its great as it frees up my Saturday’s a little as I get my boxing fix during the week. The drawback is I work a lot and get up early so its tough to get to the main event. As a writer it hurts to be tired and not be able to focus on the main event. It has caused me to write about the undercard and has let me focus on the less focused and write articles about fights the other guys aren’t.

The match ups aren’t marquee and the events aren’t huge but the results have been fun. We have had some nice upsets, surprise performances, knockouts and frequency. There have been some walk overs and long dragging broadcasts but I’ll take this new format.

Quick Hits:

-It is annoying seeing the same commercials over and over

-I am a little tired of the often repeated “America’s best heavyweights are in the NFL/NBA” Tim Bradley repeated this. I like Tim but I disagree. These two sports have been around since the golden age eras of the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s and were high paying. The players in those sports were always big and plenty were heavyweight sized. Soccer is huge in Britain, they still do very well at the lower weight classes. Enough excuses

-Anderson, Vianello, Ramirez and Collard are set to return in July. They all got early KO’s I like the frequency especially for young prospects.

I had Porozo win the fight 76-74 and the boxing forum I go on had the fight mostly scored the same and Gonzalez was awarded the decision with 2 judges only having him lose 3 rounds. On top of that Gonzalez went low several times and could have lost points. I supposes if the judges gave Gonzalez the third based on a few late lefts and gave him the 8th for Gonzalez’s aggression I could see it but I just don’t agree with it

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