Magic Mike Plania Establishes Himself on ESPN Card #3

At 23 and from General Santos City, Phillipines, Bantamweight Mike Plania lives in the shoes of Manny Pacquiao who shares his home city and his craft. Tonight he was the dog heading into enemy territory and came out victorious and with good TV exposure for American audiences. Greer was the featured fighter for Top Rank but he was dropped in round 1 by a left hook and forced to fight in survival mode for a vast majority of the fight. Plania was landing his jab and lead right hands often enough to keep Greer out on his toes and in defensive mode. Greer did not really try to get any offense going until round 6 but was promptly dropped again. Greer really turned on the heat in round 8 but by that point it was really too late. In my opinion that was the only round he won. He fought valiantly down the stretch showing heart after going down twice and falling into a hole on points but it was not enough to win rounds let alone pull even like Dave Moretti’s card.

I am happy for boxing being back despite it being on weekdays so it is tough to get the pen to the paper after a hard days work and to stay up typing when I have to go in early the next day. It feels great getting back into the flow of things. For now on the week day cards I will probably stay with the co feature for my articles and go blog and entertainment value/fan perspective for the main event.

Here’s my right up for tonight:

I am thankful for boxing to be back but am just waiting on real marquee fights to be back. I am a very positive fan of the sport and appreciate the combatants but we need a title fight or a 12 rounder to real be back. UFC has held title fights and big cards with huge names. Boxing needs to get some draws in the ropes and get things really going. With no sports going on or on the horizon now is the chance to get some casuals. I’m not sure these cards are doing it. However, Plania’s upset and DeMarcos performance were great for us hardcore boxing lovers.

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