Quick Hit: ESPN’s June 9, 2020 Boxing’s Return Card

It is great having boxing back again, I know it was not a great card but it was an appetizer for the rest of 2020. I didn’t really feel compelled to post an article or fight review on Boxing News 24 where I typically post but have decided to just do a quick thoughts type of post.

Robeisy Ramirez: Huge statement for Ramirez who needed just 54 seconds to take care of business versus Yeuri Andujar. Ramirez was in good spot on the card getting the first appearance of the night and maybe a chance to get showcased to casual fans who tuned in out of curiosity to the first fight. Without getting carried away he was so much sharper than his debut fight that I reviewed the other day in preparing my predictions. I was impressed with his aggressive but well planned start. He started with his left hand down to the body several times until he got the guard of Andujar to drop just a little and bang! I know Ramirez wants Shakur Stevenson and ESPN’s broadcast team put the idea out there. I don’t think Ramirez will be next for Stevenson. Stevenson already has a belt and ten more fights than Ramirez who also has a defeat. Stevenson’s name is being put in with guys like IBF Champion Josh Warrington and I just don’t see Ramirez getting his crack just yet. They could probably market a gold medal rematch pretty well but not yet.

Jared Anderson: I think the card was made all the worth while by getting a chance to see more of this prospect. It was nice to see him go more rounds and Johnnie Langston made him work especially in what was a very exciting first round. Anderson again spent plenty of time in his southpaw stance and was able to throw fluid combinations as he wore down Langston. He did get a little straight up and down when in his southpaw stance so he may be susceptible if he spends too much time switched up versus a more dangerous puncher but we will see.

Calving Metcalf: Sure he was out of his depth vs Quantvious Cash but he came to fight last night. He was cut in the second round from a clash of heads and lost every round on my card and 2 of the judges cards but he kept on trucking round after round. He pushed a high volume pace and just pushed and pawed his arm punches but kept pressing and even had Quantavious Cash breathing with his mouth open in the fourth round from the pace. I have a lot of respect for these tough journeyman who go out there and try to push these promoted fighters like Cash. Hats off and I will tune in to watch this guy if he gets another televised slot in the future.

Mikeala Mayer: I thought her fight vs Helen Joseph was the best fight on paper heading into this card and at the time of writing my preview I did not realize she had tested positive for Covid-19. I hope she can bounce back strong and that maybe these two get get it on down the road.

I know a lot of reactions on social media were negative regarding this card. Many were disappointed by the lack of competitive match making or name recognition but I was pleased. I took the card at face value and at the end of the day I am just happy to have our sport back. I am excited that we will get a quick follow up and look forward to the return of our many stars and big possible fights in the second half of 2020.

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